Bring Me Back A Burrito

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Close ups of the ‘GangstaCraft’ Pieces 2011

Final ‘GangstaCraft’ pieces. 2011

Special thanks to Emily, Franny and Dave for helping me out.

Initial storyboards of ‘GangstaCraft’ pieces.

Work in progress product shots for the exhibition catalogue.

Image of Lil Wayne’s mouth taken from Interview Magazine

From my visual diaries 2010 and 2011

Bag project 2011. Aim was to take a traditional bag and bring it into the present.

Recycled suede Native American style satchel and a digitally printed synthetic tote bag

experimental prints including: polychromatic, screen, foil, puff and paper cut stencils. For ‘NSFW’ 2011

'NSFW' length on tissue silk and colourways on silk/cotton blend